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The aim of the project is to create open innovation platform, focusing on educational needs, particularly for supporting digital teaching, learning and learning environments. Project will develop and pilot concept, where edtech-companies, universities and educational institutions could cooperate in a way that support companies evidence based agile product development. Innovation platform will be based on research and user experiences to support learning technology and product development which will be done by companies. The aim is to crown source (companies, teachers, students and researchers) product development and in this way get added value to the development- and productize process. The knowledge about the needs of end users is crucial for the success of edtech products and services. The platform works in three phases: company will evaluate its product using framework developed by researchers. This will tell in which development phase product is. Then product will opened to schools via platform to use and evaluate it.

Learning institutions will evaluate the product using framework (developed by researchers) which will match products development phase (idea, equivalence to curriculum, usability, motivational issues etc.). The feedback to companies also includes information about special needs of schools encouraging interaction between companies and end users. Using open platform user data researchers will produce also feedback to companies and in that way companies will get rich information how to further develop their products to the educational market.

The final aim is that products which have gone through whole process will be ready for the market and that they are based on real needs of end users, pedagogically relevant and user friendly so that they will be success stories in open education market. University of Tampere will coordinate the project and through advisory board activities communication and collaboration with other Tampere3-higher education institutions, other educational institutions as well as companies will be active and continuous. This project will improve also Tampere3-higher education institutions competence and research in the area of digital education.